the band

malatesta is an indie-dirt band from stuttgart/germany and startet in 1999 with a rough and subversive approach. malatesta rocks!!!

band-members are

børge: guitar, vocals

le belge: bass, ts

pulle: drums

repeter: throat, keyboard, harp

malatesta started in 1999 with the initial line up of pepè, le belge and the talents of marek janiak on guitar and sebastian till on drums. a demo entitled “when orange rain comes down” was quickly recorded. the original line-up only lasted a few months and janiak and till soon left and were replaced by pulle (aka smasch) and andreas ebsen. ebsen brought along another guitar player, Christian “crispine” vahlbruch, before eventually leaving the band too (he later became the guitarist in the band of diane weigman). with this line-up malatesta made their live debut (deep within a spooky forest), recorded another demo, “latex gloves/rubber strings” and played several highly energetic gigs locally. after the departure of chrispine (who joined debauchery and high heel horn dogs) börge joined the band in september 2008, thus creating the current line-up.

we would like to thank the previous members of the band andreas ebsen, christian vahlbruch, marek janiak, sebastian till who contributed to many songs we are still playing now and helped starting malatesta

malatesta-members recommend listening to the music from at the drive-in, barkmarket, boubacar traoré, caspar brötzmann massaker, deftones, enon, fugazi, jeff buckley, jesus lizard, jon spencer blues explosion, melvins, noir désir, pj harvey, portishead, refused, system of a down, tomahawk






jane's addiction: strays

  daniel johnston: yip/jump music

the mars volta: deloused in the comatorium 

  the shaggs: philosophy of the world

tomahawk: mit gas

  vivian girls: everything goes wrong

all time faves:

  all time faves:

j. s. bach: goldberg-variationen bwv 988

  all you can eat: un oeuf

fantomas: the directors cut

  the beatles: a hard days night

melvins: houdini

  def leppard: high n dry

joni mitchell: court and spark

  dinosaur jr.: where you been

nine inch nails: the downward spiral

  the donnas: gold medal

will oldham: arise therefore

  faith no more: king for a day

rollins band: the end of silence

  gossip: standing in the way of control

smashing pumpkins: mellon collie and the infinite sadness

  lunachicks: babysitters on acid

sonic youth: washing mashine

  queen: queen II

frank zappa: one size fits all 

  ramones: leave home


  le belge



korn: untouchables

  billy talent: I

queens of the stone age: songs for the d..

  billy talent: II

system of a down: toxicity

  billy talent: III

all time faves:

  all time faves:

black sabbath: reunion

  l. v. beethoven: violinkonzert d-dur op. 61

blind face: do what you like

  ornette coleman: the unprecedented music of ornette coleman

devo: we are devo

  pj harvey: is this desire?

gov't mule: relativity

  led zeppelin: physical graffiti

grand funk railroad: silver dollar

  led zeppelin: in through the out door

mahavishnu orchestra: birds of fire

  noir désir: 666.667 club

the members: live in chelsea

  francis poulenc: sonate pour flute et piano

red hot chili peppers: blood sugar sex magik 

  giacomo puccini: i crisantemi

lou reed: take no prisoners

  smashing pumpkins: mellon collie and the infinite sadness 

xtc: go2

  boubacar traoré: sa golo

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